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    White sand Beach and White Dune 150m
    Trekking trail “Jūrtaka”
    Velo Museum and Bike rent
    Local Eco product market every Friday 1km
    SPA and wellness (uppon request)
    Tourism Info center 3km
    Grocery store TOP nearby 200m
    European Velo trail along Via Baltica


    The seacoast is a 17km long gem of nature, and is interesting with its diversity – from the white sand beach to the rocky shoreline. A various sea gifts can be found there – mollusc shells, green algae threads and brunches, sea pebbles, twigs, and other surprises. To hotel guests, we offer everything they need to visit the beach. From hotel till beach, there is only a 5 minutes walk.


    In Seaside Park you will find playground equipment, outdoor exercising facilities, gymnastics equipment and volleyball courts. There is also available SUP boards rental and Jet Ski rental. Both, a small child and an adult, will find an exciting and suitable activity here. Seaside Park is a 10 minutes drive from the hotel.


    Liepupe manor was built in 1751, and is one of the most beautiful and authentic baroque buildings in Latvia. There are seven cultural and historical monuments of national significance. Liepupe manor was completely renovated in 2014, and currently houses an exclusive 5* hotel, restaurant, bar and SPA. There is also a deer garden in the manor park. Liepupe manor complex is in a 30 minutes drive from the hotel.


    On offer – tennis courts and equipment rental, individual trainings and classes for children in groups. Saulkrasti Tennis courts are located at Skolas Street 10, a 5 minutes drive from the hotel.


    If you want to experience an invigorating walk and inhale the sea air, go and enjoy the 3.6 km long forest trail, which stretches along the sea coast from the White Dune to the Sun Bridge. By walking this trail you will see an unforgettable panorama with sandy beach and peaceful dune forest, where you also can find 20 great pines. Some pines are even 200 years old. In many places, it offers beautiful views of the river valley and the sea. The Sunset trail starts only 150m from our hotel, and we also offer possibility to rent Nordic walking equipment.


    The White Dune formed as the wind drove beach sand over the clay sediments of the Baltic Ice Lake. Its white 18 meters high sand outcrop once helped local fishermen find their way home. The dune got its name from its white, hardened layers of sand which look like sandstone.

    Landscaping has been conducted in the area, and the slopes of the dune have been protected from erosion. Although the dune is covered by a pine tree forest, its steep slope, which faces the sea, is still visible.

    On your way to the White Dune you will see linden trees named after Russian Empress Catherine II. Legend tells that Catherine II planted these trees while being on vacation at Pabaži seashore. The White Dune is located 500m from our hotel.


    Lovers of wild nature will appreciate the coast of Vidzeme seaside from Lilaste to the White Dune. In this area has preserved an untouched nature, protected plants and a once travelling dune. Here is located one of the oldest nudist beaches in Latvia, which has been popular for decades. This place frees the body from worries, while enjoying sea sand, water and sun bathing.


    Saulkrasti Paintball Park is currently one of the largest paintball parks in Latvia. Paintball Park “Bušas” offers excitingly large paintball fields, with obstacles, houses, passages, towers, cars – for a full-fledged and active paintball game.

    It’s located in a 15 minute drive from our hotel.


    Bicycle collection of father and son Jānis and Guntis Seregins, which is the only old time bicycle collection in Latvia and the largest one in the Baltics. This collection is formed out of the technically most interesting historical examples of bicycle development that have been found in Latvia. Bicycle rental is also available here. It’s located in a 5 minutes walk from our hotel.


    In Latvia grown vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as smoked, salted and dried meat products, also fish products, dairy products, cereals and bread, honey, flowers, seeds, plants, applied arts and crafts, etc.

    Working hours: Fridays 15:00-19:00. It’s located in a 5 min walk from our hotel.